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List of kiss prompts

Alphabetized and open to suggestions
body: arms
body: back
body: belly
body: butt
body: calves
body: chest
body: collarbone
body: ears
body: elbow
body: feet
body: fingers
body: hands
body: knees
body: neck
body: navel
body: shoulder
body: toes
body: thighs
body: top of head
body: wrist
emotion: anger
emotion: happiness
emotion: hate
emotion: jealousy
emotion: laughter
emotion: love
emotion: sadness
emotion: surprise
experimental: biting
experimental: blindfold
experimental: chocolate
experimental: fruit
experimental: hickey
experimental: hot and cold
experimental: ice
experimental: licking
experimental: shotgun
experimental: three-way
experimental: trickle
experimental: whipped cream
face: cheeks
face: chin
face: eyelids
face: forehead
face: jawline
face: lips
face: nose
face: temple
greetings: goodbye
greetings: good morning
greetings: goodnight
greetings: hello
greetings: see you soon
location: daydream
location: dream
location: hospital
location: honeymoon
location: in the rain
location: on a date
location: sunrise
location: sunset
location: under the mistletoe
location: underwater
location: wedding
other: near-death
other: punch drunk
other: staged
other: to put them to sleep
other: to shut them up
other: to wake them up
other: while talking
time: first
time: twentieth
time: last
time: long
time: old
time: quick
time: young
type: blown/air
type: butterfly
type: clean
type: dirty
type: emoticon (:*)
type: Eskimo
type: French
type: gentle
type: glossy
type: Lady & the Tramp
type: letter (xoxo)
type: rough
type: Sleeping Beauty
type: stolen
type: upside down/Spiderman
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