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Sign Ups!

♥ Kiss Bingo

Leave a comment to this post to get you bingo card and a code to post it to your journal.

If you want your card with the white background, remove background="LINK" from your code.

To strike out a square find the square name in the code you've been given and make it look like this:
<*s><*a href="LINK TO YOUR STORY">SQUARE NAME<*/a><*/s>
(without the asterisks, of course).

If you're html-savvy, ignore us and just tinker with the table to your heart's content.

Important: Look at the list of prompts the cards are made from before signing up and veto from one to three prompts/areas that you do not want to write about. If you need more than three prompts vetoed please contact the mods by PM or email ( and we will work with you to make sure you have a suitable card.
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