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AMNESTY: 5 fics

Author: Clio
Fandoms: Harry Potter, American Idol RPF, Star Trek
Kiss: body—knees, experimental—chocolate, type—clean, greetings—hello, experimental—biting

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lots - kahlan/richard kiss
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Amnesty: Blackout (25 fics)

Author: alyse

Fandoms: Alice; Blade: Trinity; Blue Water High; Legend of the Seeker; LOLCats; Primeval; The Proposal; Supernatural; True Blood; Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place

Kiss: body: elbow; other: while talking; experimental: fruit; location: dream; location: sunset; location: honeymoon; body: arms; other: to put them to sleep; emotion: anger; location: under the mistletoe; experimental: ice; experimental: whipped cream; wild card; face: nose; face: jawline; emotion: love, location: wedding; body: toes; other: staged; experimental: licking; body: fingers; type: butterfly; type: gentle; emotion: surprise; location: underwater

Full bingo card can be found here

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