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Amnesty: 2 fics

Author: Mello McQueen
Fandom: Harry Potter, Supernatural.
Kiss: body: top of the head, body: fingers.
Note: I've been meaning to get this up for days, but finals week kept getting in the way.

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Amnesty: 5 fics

Author: mahoni
Fandoms: bandom
Kiss: (list of prompts written) glossy; quick; other: near death; face: eyelids; experimental: trickle

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AMNESTY: 1 fic

Author: jenab
Fandoms: X-Men First Class
Kiss: Time: First
Medium Fic

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AMNESTY- 1 fic

And it took way longer than expected, but I'll probably fill the table because I still have ideas. Anyway....

Author: macadama
Fandom: Doctor Who
Kiss: face--temple

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AMNESTY: 6 fics

Author: somehowunbroken
Fandoms: Stargate: Atlantis
Kiss: greeting: hello, face: eyelids, location: wedding, letter (xoxo), emotion: happiness, to shut them up

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Author: kueble
Fandoms: Star Trek: Next Generation
Kiss: Body - Fingers, Face - Forehead, Body - Fingers, Emotion - Happiness

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Amnesty: 7 fics

Author: afullmargin
Fandoms: Big Bang Theory, Fanboys, Star Trek: TNG, Imagination Movers
Kiss: time: first, location: hospital, greetings: goodnight, location: wedding, face: forehead, type: rough, emotion: sadness

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AMNESTY: 5 fics

Author: Clio
Fandoms: Harry Potter, American Idol RPF, Star Trek
Kiss: body—knees, experimental—chocolate, type—clean, greetings—hello, experimental—biting

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Author:  shirleyann66 
Fandoms: Jericho
Kiss: emotion:  surprise 

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